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220 KID turns on the "Lights" with dreamy track featuring Remy [Video]

If you close your eyes and let the endless waves of city cacophony wash over you, perhaps you'd find yourself in a new world - a sinking reverie of unfiltered warmth and bliss. Perhaps in doing so, you'd come to find your inherent self amidst the bustling environment that surrounds you. 220 KID, moniker of William Edward (who is half of the OMYO duo), steps into the perennial outbounds of electronic music to help us along the aforementioned journey, with debut track "Lights". Featuring the enigmatic songstress Remy, 220 KID also takes us on a visceral expedition through the official video, highlighting his new sound in a visually imposing way.

Pivoting from OMYO's synth-inspired urban-pop sound, "Lights" is an airy electronic track - bewitchingly dreamy with its captivating melody and mesmerizing vocals. Complemented by an oscillating reverb and modulated percussive beats, 220 KID shines the spotlight on Remy's haunting croons before progressively building up to a synth-heavy drop. The innate fierceness of the lyricism juxtaposes the ethereality of the track, translating well into the VCR-tinged visuals.

Shot and directed by Steve Glashier, the video features Remy herself, dancing her way through unusually empty urban sprawls. Flitting about and seemingly moving with where the wind takes her, Remy is a titillating piece of art making her way through the dream - and ultimately, finding herself. Inflecting the airy ambience, the video is an arresting one to watch, ultimately giving way for both 220 KID and Remy to shine in their respective roles.


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