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Akuratyde drops silky smooth debut album 'Past Lives'

Akuratyde's unconventional sound is sure to soothe you. The producer's focused sonic tonalities are heavily influenced by California's breathtaking panoramic landscapes. He sees past the usual sounds and diversifies himself with sultry melodies, euphoric reverb effects, and impeccable distance within each track. His 12-track debut album Past Lives has been released through Blu Mar Ten Music.

Gracefully placing warm undertones each piece, Akuratyde's blurs the line between experimental and drum and bass music. Past Lives has taken the burgeoning producer three years to produce, and it shows. Each and every track is meticulously crafted with his blissful sound, including a unique dynamic between each and every element. It's raw. It's full of passion. It's sure to take you to a beautiful otherworldly place. 

Connect with Akuratyde: SoundCloud|Facebook|Twitter|Instagram


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