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Heather Russell shows off her musical prowess in the interstellar “Upside Down” [Video]

Heather Russell takes a trip in the dark of the night to her quiet place in the video for “Upside Down”. Complemented by nothing other than the oscillating timbre of a keyboard, Heather’s vocals are arresting - stealing the spotlight while paradoxically dissolving into the track with serenity.

"Upside Down" is one and a half minutes of pure, unfiltered bliss. Gazing into the depths of the galaxy, Heather finds comfort knowing that even if things don’t make sense at the moment, everything will work out divinely as it’s meant to be. An ode to hanging onto patience even in the depths of uncertainty, Heather sings, “I’m looking up at the ground and I’m looking down, down at the stars. And everything’s upside down”.

The song’s minimalistic instrumental composition and abridged length establish that Heather has no need for complex instrumentation or a catchy chorus to make an impact. Artists like Heather aren’t fleeting but indeed, soulfully sincere, rising stars.

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