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Laxcity has got a "Heartbeat" on a new single

Zambia-born, England-based artist Joshua Mbewe, a.k.a. Laxcity, makes imaginative electronic music that draws on powerful melodies, contrasting sonics, textured details, vocal and other foley elements, to create immersive and intricate soundscapes with strong emotional resonance.

"Heartbeat" is an intimate, brooding track which, just as its predecessor, “Changing,” explores themes of longing, lust, and the turbulence of romance. It also ties into the narrative which Josh has crafted for the project as a whole: Starting with the stunning lead-off track, “Introvert,” the project follows the story of a reclusive and depression-riddled teenager whose experiencing of their first love and loss leads to eventual attainment of emotional catharsis.

“Heartbeat,” generally, combines Josh’s penchant for heart-wrenching melodies and intricacy with a soundscape that ebbs and flows, switching between varied sections with patent ease.

Check him out on socials: Spotify | SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 

Electro R&B · Electronic · R&B


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