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Darius Syrossian releases invigorating track "Danzer" [Interview]

What a year its been for Darius Syrossian. The noteworthy DJ has started his own radio show, completed a summer residency at Amnesia in Ibiza, and started his own record label. Along with all of these major accomplishments, he also found time to release new music.  

The imminent launch of his new label, Mozy Muzik, was cultivated from the idea of pushing past the redundant sounding styles that are seen so frequently in the tech-house world today. “I'm looking to release music that will still be around in 10 years time. Music aimed primarily at the dance floor. Music with soul and depth and meaning," Darius tells EARMILK, "right now, there's so much generic tech-house. It's almost as if people are making music for Instagram videos. Everything sounds the same with the same drops; there's just no depth or originality out there. It's one of the reasons why I decided to launch Mozy Muzik.”   

As vinyl continues to grow in popularity in the underground techno scene, Darius emphasizes the importance of maintaining this trend. "After managing a record shop for 15 years, I felt it's important to not only release digital but every track also being released on Mozy Muzik to be available on vinyl too," he stresses, "I have thousands of records in my own collection in my house and the amount of memories attached to each track is phenomenal. With digital you just don’t have that nostalgia. If you lose your computer the tracks are gone. But having that piece of vinyl is forever." 

In his newest releases, Darius has commissioned artist Charlotte Archer to design hand-drawn cover art. "Musically and aesthetically, we're putting a great deal of time and effort into every release and I think people are going to love it." 

Darius’ newest release, “Danzer” along with two remixed versions, was put out on Friday. The motivation behind this track didn’t come easy he explains, “I was in the studio one day going through new tracks and I just wasn't inspired by anything. Everything seemed to sound the same, then I watched the Floorplan Boiler Room and I was instantly inspired. I thought hang on, I want to make a track that has the energy of techno, but with some funk elements and also be one that will destroy the dance floor at peak time. Once I had the idea it all came about really quickly really.”

"Danzer" is nearly six minutes of seamless high energy tech-house with added funk flavors. Featuring a powerful female vocal hook, the record contains a dizzying drop with a disco influence. The reworked versions contrast each other very nicely, both excelling in completely different directions. The Techno Tool version maintains the overall foundation of the track but adds an insatiable bass line with added funk flairs. Where as the Adesse Versions rework flips the idea of original track and adds more mellow and whomping synths.

It seems as though today many DJs are following the same recipe when crafting their music but altering the ingredients ever so slightly. It’s refreshing to see DJs like Darius Syrossian who strive for an original and authentic sound. Make sure to catch him at his upcoming events, found here

Connect with Darius Syrossian: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud 

Interview · Main Stage · Tech House


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