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Check out Scarlett Fae's sensual visual for her single "Knew You" [video]

Emerging Brighton, UK based singer Scarlett Fae's newest effort is a cinematic representation of her song "Knew You". The soft-voiced singer dives into the intricacies of a relationship that feels one-sided and shares her thoughts on the issue while reveling in the attention she is getting from her partner. At the back of her mind she knows the ugly truth but sometimes it's just not easy to let things go and, ultimately, the situation will force her hand to take a stance. Musically she taps into a blend of modern soul draped in classic RnB vibes such as the solemn piano-driven backdrop and minimal percussions to match. 

The visuals by Fae herself and Mitch Hall bring the song's premise to life with its vivid storytelling and pacing.  Much focus is placed on Fae's experiences in this somewhat rocky relationship.

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