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Wiley delivers promised Dizzee diss track "Flip The Table Freestyle"

Unless you're completely new to the UK grime scene, the Wiley and Dizzee Rascal beef will be old news to you - and you'll also probably have picked your side a long time ago. With things quietly bubbling under the surface in recent years, the war recently started again with Wiley calling out fellow UK grime star Skepta for working with Dizzee on new track "Money Right". In a rant on social media, Wiley stated "You know why I’m the king? Because I tell people to work with you, you tell people to 'Fuck Wiley. Fuck grime, I’m a pop star. Fuck all them man.’ You and Skepta, I hope you’re happily ever after bruv". A few days ago, after weeks of teasing on social media, Wiley released "Flip The Table Freestyle" - a dig at the tale Wiley tells of Dizzee Rascal flipping a table at the suggestion of Skepta coming on tour with them.

As predicted, "Flip The Table Freestyle" is a savage assault on the paigons and two-faced "brothers" that Wiley feels surrounds him in the grime scene. From the more direct hits at Dizzee in the chorus referencing his 2003 album ("You're not a killer, you're a table flipper, boy in the corner a grime scene quitter") to his hatred of the aforementioned fakes ("In a room full of fakes, I promise you bro, I can not stand, it's Wiley the one man band") - Wiley has well and truly returned to his roots with the Eskibeat recording we all wanted. Leaving on the note of "Don't worry my G's I've got a next plan, I do the barring, I'm the step-man", it seems like the Grime King is only just getting started with the counterblast to his betrayal.

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2 years ago