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Herzeloyde showcases a darker side in 'Louded' EP

Australian producer Herzeloyde occupies a rare niche in the world of electronic music. Traversing varying landscapes of sounds and beats, the producer has carved himself a singular sonic signature that continuously challenges the notions of dance music. While Herzeloyde has been pushing out effervescent house-laden tracks over the summer, he's now back with EP Louded - featuring a darker, sombre spectrum to his repertoire.

A play by play of compelling cuts, textured sounds and instrumental fills tumultuously rolling about, Louded is an exemplary curation of his darker experiments. Debuting his first vocal collaboration in leading track "Where U Been", the track sees features from RoxXxan & Orifice Vulgatron, exuding grime influences in a tantalizing cut. Intricately woven, the aggressive song is an ode to UK hip-hop, grabbing at listeners with its energetic tempo. On the other hand, in "Slice & Dice", we see a poignant return to bass; modulated with computer-synth sounds thumping throughout, the track is an effortless dive into an otherworldly listening experience.


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Bass · Dubstep · Electro House · Electronic · grime


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