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Tankus the Henge shows why "Things Were Better Before" [video]

London based alternative band known as Tankus the Henge went to great lengths to bring their poignant record "Things Were Better Before" to life with a brilliant animated video which really takes the premise of the song to a new level. The record itself is a solemn look at a bleak future with a nostalgic reference to the past. It is highly melancholic, gripping and poignant.

The visual was crafted in collaboration with animators 22S Productions and the puppet company Trukitrek at Artisti after a chance meeting in Pennabilli.  Between them, they came up a short film that is both beautiful in design and poignant in its message. It deals with environmental issues, specifically looking at the death of our oceans. The film portrays a brutal vision of a post-apocalyptic world, the protagonist searches for a glimmer of hope but prospects are stark, and the destruction is seemingly irreversible, as we are part of the ecosystem we are destroying. The visual presentation is quite graphic and ultimately serves as a wake-up PSA for anyone who views it. 

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