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Analogue Dear releases wonderful 5-part piano moments EP "small gestures"

Packed full of emotion Analogue Dear's latest EP small gestures, holds a small splendour for modern celebration of piano.

These tracks really are moments; fleeting, short, and lovely. Yet throughout small gestures, in a very short time Analogue Dear just gets straight to the immediacy of the songs essence. Above all, in the possibilities of "what if" running through small gestures, Analogue Dear has such a delightful outing.

Opening with "featherhead" a positive piece full of opportunities; honestly showcases piano at its finest. In "overt tones" fingers dance across the piano in feverish, and unexpected swirls. Staccato, and busy like a bustling city, but such an enjoyable rapture it's impossible not to get swept up in the never-ending possibilities of where this could lead. However in "you never said, I never asked" the musician takes us on a more grandiose and romantic walk amongst nature. All the while, we imagine the calm richness of the chords seeping into Douma's hands, and out diffusing into the room. Peaceful, and intimate we could listen to this EP endlessly. Moreover Douma changes up feel once again with "the beauty in decay," characterised by slow lingering. Chords loiter and time passes with a nostalgic and dwelling memory. Finally "small gestures" finishes the sublime EP. A reflective overarching track that sums up the bigger picture here. We can't enjoy these captured moments enough.

 This should be on everyone's listening list. 

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