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CloudNone strikes down with new single "From Here"

Out on the Monstercat label, (known for its snappy bass lines, upbeat tempos and eclectic usages of synths and electronica) CloudNone is a breath of fresh air.

Beaming with a unique sense of musicality, CloudNone is by all means an enigma. That being said, CloudNone is taking Monstercat fans by storm with their atmospheric soundscapes. Amalgamating chillstep and garage into a sonic construction, in doing so they have concocted utter elegance. However with "From Here", CloudNone also strikes down; soothing us with their growing repertoire. The cinematic track is highly emotive; steeped in nostalgia, wistful lyrics, and drunken melodic waves.

By melding this ambiance of chillwave, with silky crooning vocals. CloudNone flawlessly executes the radio crackles and instrumentals. "From Here" becomes the perfect accompaniment to a rainy day. In addition, mellow vibes exuding from each tonal rise and fall in "From Here" are excruciatingly beautiful. Juxtaposing the garage influences alongside perfect soothing ambiance. For this reason, we recommend stumbling into CloudNone's back catalogue.

Watch out for "From Here" appearing on the upcoming Rocket League x Monstercat Vol. 5 Album. Stream "From Here" here.


Connect with CloudNone: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


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