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The Slice, Episode 17 [Urban Feature]

There are some of us dedicated to rummaging the inner regions of the web in search of that good alternative urban music and serving it directly to music lovers. This initiative is what we call "The Slice" at EARMILK. Every fortnight we share with you 10 or more ear-grabbing songs from genres ranging from hip-hop, grime, soul, afrobeat/pop and dancehall. So let us do the digging for you while you sit back, relax to some brilliantly crafted music from around the globe.

RIMON - "Sugarcoated Love"

Amsterdam’s rising star RIMON set things off on a sugary note with the visuals for her sultry record titled "Sugarcoated Love". With a knack for bringing feel-good vibes (check here), Rimon takes the listener into her love-drenched world laced with soulfully undeniable melodies. The visual also helps enhance the song's relatability with its vintage, love-driven aesthetic and set pieces.

"Sugarcoated Love" is taken from her latest project 'BBYGIRL FOCU$'.

Phony Ppl - "Way Too Far"

Brooklyn-based quintet Phony Ppl deliver their highly conceptual visual for their song "Way Too Far". Blending a wide array of genres seems to be their forte as the song exudes a rich neo-soul style (vocally speaking) and experimental RnB. The video is particularly fresh as it places emphasis on the theme of an individual trying too hard to win the heart of the lady of his dreams.  "Way Too Far" is taken from their sophomore album 'mō'zā-ik 

Nico Cara- "Grounded"

Rising singer Nico Cara delivers a soothing, jazz/neo-soul inspired record titled "Grounded". The record addresses two main things; an internal conflict and the presence of love which helps the singer cushion the aggression and keep a level head. The chord arrangement on this song is slick, emotionally gripping and rich but the main attraction is, of course, Cara's commanding vocal performance.  "Grounded" serves as the first single from the Brighton based singer since he took a break from touring and music in general.

Genesis Owusu - "Wit' Da Team"

Australia based artist Genesis Owusu is not new to us at EEARMILK so it's only right for us to share with you his latest piece of work. The unorthodox singer takes it up a notch on the funky single titled "Wit' Da Team" which is produced by Callum Connor, who operates as a key member of Anderson Paak's bandthe Free Nationals. No need to reiterate what incredible sound to expect from this beautiful combination but the result is superb, soulful and obviously funky to the core.

Ethan Taylor - "Waiting"

Roxboro, NC’s Ethan Taylor flexes his talents as both rapper and songwriter on his new release titled “Waiting”— a melodic blend of R&B and hip-hop blend that serves as the lead single off his debut album Like I Said I Would. The DG Beats produced track is rich, melodious and hits hard no doubt. Vocally Taylor switches between rapping and a melody laced performance to create a smooth record that is pretty catchy and groovy too. “Waiting,” is taken from his latest project Like I Said I Would

Mortimer - "Careful"

Dancehall singer Mortimer helps to switch the energy on the list with a solid, hard-hitting jam titled "Careful" which he produced with the help of Winta James. The record is a cautionary tale, with Mortimer drawing on personal experiences as he ponders trust and betrayal amongst family and friendships. Over a cinematic heavy riddim, Mortimer delivers a gripping performance as he breaks down the difference between loving someone with loving an idea of someone. In a nutshell, this record is so hard and smooth at the same time and Mortimer's melodies are so hard to ignore its best to just hit the play button and get familiar as soon as you can.

Shungudzo - "Paper (Captain Planet Remix)"

Zimbabwean/American artist Shungudzo single "paper" gets a musical facelift from DJ/remixer Captain Planet who flips it into something so groovy and enthralling. "Paper" exudes a vintage electro-tribal pop vibe, with a message that clearly sets her apart as an artist with a clear voice and vision. After working with veteran global bass DJ/Producer Captain Planet, the two connected on their shared love of vintage West African disco, and so the concept for this remix was born. Need we say more, we love it to pieces.
You can also check out the video here.

Blizz - "Survival Amongst"

Rising emcee Blizz brings us closer to the grit on the streets on his new grimy single "Survival Amongst". Over a hard-hitting soundscape (courtesy of Blu Majic Beat Co), Blizz takes lyricism to a new plateau as he creates vivid pictures and showcasing the art of working with little at your disposal. In this video, Blizz displays his awakening to understanding the magic that revolves around him. ''Survival Amongst'' is the 2nd visual from Blizz's debut LP Temet Nosce

Bobby J From Rockaway - "Walter White".

After dropping the audio a while back, Bobby J From Rockaway  returns with the visual for his song "Walter White" which pays homage to the classic tv show Breaking Bad and there’s no detail that director Llama and his team glossed over There’s the clever play on the Periodic Table of Elements in the intro, the blue smoke pouring out of the Retro RV’s roof, and of course Bobby wearing the yellow hazmat attire, not to mention other little details that will make Breaking Bad fans wish the show was still on the air.

Dunson - "Shine" (Feat. Rowlan)

Rapper and producer Dunson teams up with fellow emcee Rowlan on the inspirational cut titled "Shine". The Maryland native and multi-instrumentalist takes some time to reflect on his successes while ignoring all the naysayers who may otherwise detract him from his goals.

Honore - "Intro To Honore"

Singer-songwriter Honore returns with the visual for her song "Intro To Honore". This comes after dropping the sultry "Satin Pillowcase". Over a surreal, atmospheric soundscape, Honore shows us once again why she is one to watch as she carries the listener deep into her zone with her passionate, expressive vocals and enthralling layered melodies. The self-directed visual takes a focus on the artist in her element against the natural landscape.

Sahtyre - "NonViolent" (feat. Chuuwee).

We head to LA with Sahtyre as he teams up with one of our favorite emcees Chuuwee on his new single "Non-Violent". The Chase Moore produced cut hits hard and smooth enough for both emcees to deliver solid bars and show us how they really get down when left to their own devices.

Mihali - "Faded State" ft. Nhako and Trevor Hall

Vermont rock quartet, Twiddle's lead singer/guitarist Mihali Savoulidis branches out on his own with his new single titled "Faded State". The roots, rock, reggae vibes are undeniable but Mihali's lyrics sure pack a punch and its much needed in this crazy time. He also taps the vocal talents of Nhako and Trevor Hall who both share their own unique stories on the song.

C.S. Armstrong - "City In Ruins"

"City in ruins" is the first song from C.S. Armstrong's Good Times EP, a project produced by Aftermath's Dem Jointz. The singer blends a variety of genres from blues, rock, funk, and R&B on the track as he dwells on how things have changed for better or worse depending on how you look at it.

Paris Love-Child - "The Golden Child" / "El Ride"

Paris Love-Child comes through with her unorthodox style of hip-hop on her new single "The Golden Child". She delivers melody laced rap verses over a gritty backdrop reminiscent of the 90s. The DJ, the singer-songwriter, the model, the Portobello Princess is taking no prisoners on this one, so beware.

Also on deck is a solid collaboration between Adan Cruz and Paris Love-Child titled "El Ride". Over a driving soundscape, the duo take the listener on a smooth ride. Check it out below.







"Talk About" is the lead single off Laytrel's upcoming album Things Never Said. The vibrant, hard-hitting rock/rap-infused record produced by JayFive serves as a solid backdrop for Laytrel's mellow but fiery performance
The visuals for  "Talk About", is handled by Versa Visuals features an off-kilter aesthetic and blistering braggadocio from the rapper's performance.

Kosha Dillz - "Other Side of Happiness" ft. Alvarez Kings.

Kosha Dillz delivers a heartfelt and poignant record titled "Other Side of Happiness" which deals with serious life issues from seasonal depressions and broken relationships. The song was inspired by the "other side of sadness" by the Alvarez Kings, and the two groups met on tour in 2015 via the Vans Warped Tour. After living together for two months on a tour bus and seeing each other play 40+ times, the hip-hop meets indie rock track on emotional healing was inevitable.

Glimlip - "Flicks" feat. Mike C. & Zadia

We wrap up this week's list with a mellow, poignant record "Flicks" from Amsterdam producer Glimlip and vocalists/rappers Mike C. and Zadia from Baltimore. The record has a groovy but solemn vibe which fits Mike C's reflective lyrics and commanding vocal tone while singer Zadia brings a solid soul-drenched element into the hook.

If you dug what you heard, you can revisit our previous episodes of "The Slice" here.


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