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Honore lays down deep sultry vibes across a "SatinPillowcase"

20-year-old singer-songwriter Honore is someone to keep an eye and ear out for. The talented musician who writes produces, records, mixes, and masters her own song is definitely following the least traveled path doing what she loves. Her newest record titled "SatinPillowcase" talks about love beyond recognition and delivers a mesmerizing emotion-filled performance

In "SatinPillowcase" Honore blends the sensual side of R&B and the improvisational elements of jazz music. Just like the title, her velvet vocals soothe the ears as they cascade the dreamy multi-layered soundscape.

As mentioned before, Honore is fully hands-on with her music and she explains that the song came together in her one-bedroom loft where all the musical magic happens. Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, she moved at the age of 18 to St. Paul in order to find better inspiration. She's been creating beautiful and sultry music since and certainly caught our attention. By now, it should also have captured yours.

Connect with Honore: SoundcloudTwitter | Instagram

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