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Caspian Lennox delivers an intimate performance in new single "The Brightest Star"

British composer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Caspian Lennox has just released his debut single “The Brightest Star” — a melancholy track featuring bright guitars, gentle drums, and rich husky vocals. 

 Evocative and poignant, "The Brightest Star" tells the tale of big love, the kind that doesn’t come around very often, but soon runs its course. He’s left wondering if they’ll ever be another chance or if he is able to find the strength to move on. Coming from a mixed background and raised on folk tales and carnival rhythms, Caspian Lennox finds inspiration in the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, as well as the Classical and Romantic era and European instrumental music. As a classical composer, his storytelling style of music is blended with a showcase of various piano and string sounds.  

Reminiscent of Dire Straights, Jesus and Mary Chain and The War on Drugs,“The Brightest Star”  is Lennox's first commercial release with Presana Music.  

Connect with Caspian Lennox: Twitter | Instagram

Folk Rock · Indie · Rock


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