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Icelandic alt-pop purveyor Máni Orrason is back with gorgeous single “Picture I Recall”

Budding Icelandic alt-pop singer Máni Orrason recently returned with his stunning single, “Picture I Recall.” The soon to be 21-year-old artist moves freely here with intoxicating pop arrangements and a deeply introspective tale to tell. Circuiting through the soundscapes of indie-pop and experimental R&B, Orrason displays great confidence and vitality with his execution. On the storytelling side, Orrason flows in the direction of all things love—infatuation, pining, and euphoria.

Coming off his sophomore album, I Woke Up Waiting, this past spring, the multi-instrumentalist develops his sonic craft even further on “Picture I Recall.” Working with producer Nikolai Potthoff has allowed for him to channel new ideas with his musical journey. With fresh feelings of love permeating through his bloodstream (the start of a romantic relationship) and centering on his newfound cadences that differ from past endeavors, Orrason is exhibiting his artistic prowess in powerful ways. Experimenting with electronic beats nestled under his pristine productions of indie-pop gloss, “Picture I Recall” channels all kinds of beautiful vibes for the listener to endure.

Thematically, “Picture I Recall” challenges one to question their true identity and if one can be perceived the same way by the strangers passing through their life to the people who they feel the closest toward. “Picture I Recall” was released via Fries Boom Barrier/Guesstimate. It’s the first single off his forthcoming EP in early 2019.

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