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Ruby Francis' "Rush" gets the remix treatment from Initial Talk

Creating an effective remix is a more challenging proposition than one might think. To take a preexisting piece of music and spin it into something fresh while still paying respect to the original takes a deft touch. In the case of Initial Talk’s remix of Ruby Francis’ single “Rush,” the Tokyo-based producer gives the British singer’s track an endearing overhaul, taking it to a realm of funk and ‘90s era swagger.

While Francis’ original version of “Rush” was already a banger, she opted for a more minimal, slow-burning production, with a bubbling synth bass and crackling percussion. Initial Talk’s remix blasts out of the gate, immediately placing Francis’ silky vocals in a glittery, head-bobbing sonic universe. While the original exhibited a sultry mood from Francis, the remix breaks it open, offering a swinging, more playful sound that should get any crowd moving. Fans of the original still get Francis’ irresistible vocal harmonies with the addition of an irresistible synth bass and percussion tracks that refuse to quit. In the world of remixes, the pairing of Ruby Francis with Initial Talk is one that is enormously effective.

Connect with Ruby Francis: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect with Initial Talk: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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