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Bring out those mask's for Malaa's 'Illegal Mixtape Vol.2'

The open room begins to feel like a sauna as a filthy banger starts to bump on the speakers. You begin to lose control of your mind and body as you slowly transform into one with the music. Who is the man behind the decks that can so easily grasp at your soul you ask? Casually sipping on a bottle of Jack Daniels, the secret identity sonic connoisseur known as Malaa crafts aura filled mixes drenched with mystical and dark vibes.

Released via Confession, Malaa's highly anticipated Illegal Mixtape Vol.2 features familiar dance floor favorites such as "Cash Money" and "Bling Bling," but includes 11 new dynamic tracks swaying from G house to tech house with a steady love for that heavy bass-line. The incorporation of original songs from upcoming artists such as  Malive and Matroda brings this mix-tape to a whole new level. Satisfying those who are in need of the Malaa's old school vibes and the ones craving something new. Well done Malaa, but honestly I am not surprised.

Catch Malaa continuing his Illegal Tour in Philadelphia, PA on November 15th.

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