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Violet Days' 'Made In My Head' EP is a step into a dreamy soundscape [Premiere]

A collaborative project a few years in the making, Violet Days is the creative vision of lauded singer-songwriter and artist Lina Hansson and celebrated songwriter and producer Kris Eriksson. Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, the duo have made an indelible mark in the pop and electronic music worlds, having helped shape some of the biggest modern pop tracks within the last five years. Now, Hansson has stepped in from behind the scenes and into the spotlight with the release of their collaborative debut EP 'Made in My Head', produced by Eriksson. 

EARMILK is proud to exclusively premiere Made In My Head ahead of its October 26th release.

In its entirety, 'Made In My Head' is an ethereal, dreamy soundscape spun full of lush melodies that sits in the intersection of electronic music production and pop music. "The first time we met" propels the seven-track EP forward; with its short, sombre instrumentals, the enigmatic track sets the scene for the rest of EP, and airs it with intrigue. Thus, "Cocaine Kisses" is the first official song wherein we hear Hansson's husky sweet voice beautifully overlaid on top of Eriksson's blanketed compositions. Lustful and slow-burning, the track exudes quiet confidence that hits deep with its catchy chorus. In contrast, "Leave But Don't Go" picks up the pace with a more classic pop sound, a catchy ode to 'that special someone who is always there for you, who ensures you that everything will be alright'. 

Featuring morgxn, lead single "Somber" is a beautiful ballad teeming with emotions; layered over airy synths, Hansson and morgxn lay their hearts bare in an evocative narrative. Similar to the first track, "Two years" is a short cinematic track that gives a smooth break in between songs, acting as gatekeeper for the edgy gem "Just a Little". More upbeat, the track oozes attitude as Hansson demands, “I want it to hurt just a little / Hurt just being with you.” Lastly, "I Think.." rounds up the EP with its commanding tone, an anthem that simultaneously screams emotional independence and crippling heartbreak.

All in all, 'Made In My Head' is a robust rainbow of sounds that guides today’s alternative pop movement into fresh artistic territory. 

Connect with Violet Days: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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