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PiMO's "Pure Love" and "Hunter" singles provide a daily dose of disco

PiMO delivers two crushing remixes as his latest release, burning a trail of disco fire with these memorable melodies and hip-hop beats. Hailing from Warsaw, PiMO has been involved in the electronic music scene under other aliases for several years, including Modfunk and Thrill Kill. His solo work features exhilarating hooks and mesmerizing synths.

Expect to hear music that sounds similar to New World Order, Duran Duran, and Grandmaster Flash as PiMO combines his soulful style with a taste of polished production and musical background. You can hear his latest mix for A Dark Side of Western radio show in London, Ontario broadcasted on Radio Western. 

PiMO's single, "Hunter", is charmingly fun to listen to, as the Polish producer combines a tone of suspense with a catchy synth line. The track moves into a minimalist transition before delivering a magnificent push into the main rift - PiMO proves his ability to design complex rhythms from a wealth of experience. 

"Pure Love" brings out an element of 80s electro combining the melody with a hip-hop backbone. The groovy track is upbeat and atmospheric, with traces of vocals lightly grazing the entire song with an almost echo effect. The single is bound to leave you bouncing wherever you are, however you're listening, with a somewhat Daft Punk vibe. 

Connect with PiMO: Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Website

Disco · Electro Soul · Nu-Jazz


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