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Akurei debuts subtle electronic EP "August"

Earlier this summer, Brisbane-based artist Akurei, shared his track "Ride Home", which was the second single from his forthcoming EP, which we called "the perfect slow burn". Today we have the pleasure of unveiling his latest EP "August" streaming here first. 

While it's already October, "August" is as warm as the sweaters keeping us cozy as we ease into Winter over here in the Northern Hemisphere. In addition to "Ride Home" and "Photophonia", the EP features two brand-new unheard singles, "11th Avenue" featuring Tides and the title-track "August" featuring Golden Vessel. “It’s been quite a journey getting here. It’s a little cliché and definitely a sentiment held by most artists, but this EP is truly a diary of sorts about the last year of my life,” shares Akurei. The EP was written during a phase of ebbs and flows for Akurei and each track reveals his journey back to rediscovering himself through his own quest of soul searching. The full EP is streaming now and you can purchase and show your support HERE

Connect with Akurei: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook



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