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"Ride Home" with Akurei and his new single

During the summer, we can find ourselves flooded with upbeat, groovy tunes; which are always greatly appreciated. However, music for those laid back moments are just as needed during the summer months, as well. Australian artist Akurei's new single - "Ride Home" - is the perfect soundtrack for chill summer vibes.

"Ride Home" is the second single from Akurei's forthcoming EP. The self-produced cut came together after he found an old guitar part recorded on his iPhone. Thank goodness he found that guitar part. "Ride Home" is a slow burn perfect for just what the title suggests - a ride home. In describing the single, Akurei shared,

"Lyrically, the song covers a kind of epiphany I'd had while walking home from a party one night, about the way I'd been living and the decision to change that."

Akurei's debut EP is definitely one to be on the lookout for; but until then, enjoy "Ride Home".

Stream/Download "Ride Home" HERE.

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