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LIZ LOKRE will pull at your heart's strings with new release “Stop Runnin'” [Video]

At some point or another, everyone faces a fear of settling down, whether it’s in relationships, careers, or life paths. It isn’t until that one true love comes along that the decision to stay becomes effortless. In "Stop Runnin’", Toronto-based singer-songwriter LIZ LOKRE explores this narrative. “Stop Runnin’”, a featured soundtrack in the movie "Little Italy" (starring Emma Roberts, Hayden Christensen and Alyssa Milano), is a soulful ballad that exemplifies LIZ LOKRE’s robust vocal prowess and songwriting talent. Produced by Adrian X (Drake, The Weeknd, PARTYNEXTDOOR), "Stop Runnin’" evokes a certain sense of belonging and tender affection that gently pulls listeners in.

Speaking of the songwriting process, LOKRE explains the meaning behind its lyrics, detailing, ”When I was approached to write a song for "Little Italy" I knew it had to evoke a certain romantic comedy worthy emotion. “Stop Runnin' is about a girl who could have the world if she wanted it, but she discovers everything she's wanted has been there all along. It captures that moment when Emma's character Nikki finally lets her guard down. I rarely finish a song in one night - if I do it's by some miracle, and "Stop Runnin'" was one of those rarities.”

The visuals for “Stop Runnin’” capture the same nostalgia, intimacy, and vulnerability that the song's beautiful lyrics translate. Rich candlelit hues, flickering VHS footage, and polaroids take us back in time as LOKRE performs an elegant rendition of the song over the piano. Warmth permeates the studio’s atmosphere and diffuses into flickering light flares as LOKRE’s silky vocals soar above the raw timbre of melting piano chords. Possessing a naturally magnetic tenacity, it’s Liz’s flawless tone that steals the show.

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