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Baton Rouge’s Sherwood Marty drops new mixtape “Stuck in the Trenches 1.5”

Sherwood Marty is a 22-year-old rapper from Baton Rouge and is making noise both in and out of Louisiana. Marty’s southern delivery, lyrical transparency, and animated energy - make him stand out above the rest. 

When Sherwood Marty released “Sherwood Baby” during the summer of 2017 - the catchy hook and infectious energy that exuded out of the song - made it an anthem that had everyone and their grandma wanting to sing along. 

With the release of “Stuck in the Trenches 1.5” - the 9-track-project has features from Yung MalLil QuillSherwood Flame, and the recently YSL co-signed Trapboy Freddy. Standout tracks on the project include  “Way Up” and “We Outchea”. Marty is masterful with his hooks, cinematic lyricism and poetic word-play as he paints several pictures and shares different narratives on every track.

One can’t wait to hear what else Sherwood Marty has in store as he continues to grow with every project and every release.

Connect with Sherwood Marty: Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud

Hip-Hop · Rap


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