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kordz & Lontalius release downtempo "Accept & Connect" via Majestic Casual Records

Coming off tastemaker indie label Majestic Casual Records is the emotional new single and latest signing of kordz & Lontalius, "Accept & Connect". "Accept & Connect" is a short record, under 3 minutes in length, that focuses mainly on the atmospheric qualities of kordz' style and emotionally charged vocals by US singer Lontalius. “Both Lontalius and kordz carry something truly unique, very honest and inspiring in their music. When kordz sent over this weirdly beautiful instrumental demo he had been working on, we instantly thought of Lontalius as the vocal companion and reached out to him. His first take on the song was on point. kordz added some further classical elements from his orchestral edit to the final arrangement and we all agreed that it was perfect at only 2:21.“ Majestic Casual Records‘ Phil remarks.

The track came about through an improvised piano session, and was put together through elements like crackling leaves, breaking tree branches, and chorale sounds to create a unique atmosphere. Like rain falling down the window, "Accept & Connect" floats gently along the ears. 

Connect with Majestic Casual Records: Soundcloud 




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