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Coldabank tugs at our heartstrings in "Los Angeles"

London-based hitmaker Coldabank, real name Joachim Walker, debuted last year with instantly infectious "Lovin’ You", filling dance floors and racking up Spotify streams. Now established in the industry with his unique pop-infused sound, Coldabank releases "Los Angeles" - a futuristic electro-pop song sure to be another great hit.

Debuting an undeniable new sound of all-consuming pop anthems, "Los Angeles" is the soundtrack to your warm sunsets and late-night adventures. Coldabank's rich and velvety vocals, pairs well with the smooth, forward-thinking dance record, effectively stringing at our hearts. The sounds of tropical birds flit in and out in the beginning of the song, but it is undeniably the reverberating hums of Coldabank that continues to draw us in. Near the middle of the track, the light bouncy drop adds a touch of light-heartedness and effervescence to the song, particularly emphasizing the symphony-like chorus. 

Coldabank notes, “The song is about that longing you feel for somebody you love, when distance is put between you. It’s written from my personal experience of being out on tour, but I think anyone who has been in love can probably relate.”


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