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Don't you be "Polite" about wanting more of Liza Owen

British-Cambodian soul-pop powerhouse Liza Owen doesn't intend to be on the sidelines, as she returns with the release of her brand-new single "Polite", a powerful anthem exhibiting her strength and proof of her artistic growth.

Known for her unique soul-pop creations, "Polite" embodies the original material that has garnered her compliments worldwide, fusing rich layers of raw melancholic emotion with crisp percussive elements. Liza's angelic vocals complements the melody flawlessly, screaming a match made in heaven. A song that melds the infectious effervescence of pop with the dreamy sultriness of R&B, "Polite" is a beautiful construction that conveys her message well: don't be shy, don't be polite, tell her everything. Allowing these sounds to become one, Liza has built something that is both furiously innovative and unrelentingly confident. Her refreshing sound undoubtedly puts the listener in the front seat, as though speaking to them one on one - demonstrating the vulnerability and strength in her poetic and lyrical abilities.

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