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MacKenzie Bourg shows the beauty in contemplation in 'Playlove' video [Video Premiere]

In a time when things are moving faster than ever before, singer/songwriter MacKenzie Bourg simply wants to take a breath. This is the message of Bourg’s latest single, “Playlove,” an impassioned, dynamic pop-rock track that beautifully showcases the singer’s smooth, honey-soaked croon. EARMILK is excited to premiere the new video for “Playlove,” a visual that supports the lyrics’ warm, haunting quality:

In this video, Bourg plays with space, color, form and function and truly showcases both the quirk and complexity at the heart of “Playlove.” All about taking a moment to focus on getting your own mind right before jumping headfirst into love, the song’s visual centers around a treadmill — going faster, slower, forwards and backwards — overlaid with a filter that gives each scene a grainy, classic feel. The lyrics are prominently displayed throughout, guiding the viewer through the twists and turns of the unfolding events.

Bourg stands in the desert with this zipping machine, at times getting on and running with it, but at others keeping his distance. Because while it’s tempting to just go along for the ride, Bourg wants to “take things slowly.” In the end, he needs to make sure this love is the real thing and doesn’t want to simply “play love.”

The single is Bourg’s latest since 2017’s “Lost & Found,” and certainly showcases the singer’s maturity and growth. Though he may be hesitant to rush into love, he has thankfully taken a dive into this new, distinctive sound — and confidently emerged fresher than ever before.

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