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Disco Shrine creates an anthem for immigrants with "Up In The Air"

Indie and electro pop artist Disco Shrine has created a song perfectly fit for the current situation in America and one that’s really close to her heart. In her latest single 'Up in the Air', she beautifully paints a picture of the struggles her parents faced when immigrating to this country from Iran. Leaving to escape the revolution, they were literally "up in the air" on a plane leaving their past behind. The song is also a representation on how their entire lives were up in the air. Uncertain of what the future held, what they did took a lot of strength and courage and this song is her way of acknowledging that.

With a high-energy electronic beat and soft soothing vocals, Disco Shrine’s calm yet vibrant attitude truly shines through in this dance hit. Paying homage to her family, the video features home movies from her childhood giving it a very deep and personal feel. Not only does it showcase her own nostalgic memories, but also those of others making the video and it’s meaning that much more powerful. Delijani reveals, "This video isn’t just my story. It’s bigger than that. It’s the story of all of my friends and all of my friends of color whose parents came from different parts of the world in search for a better future. I really wanted to embody that, because my story is not something that only I have experience. We’re telling a universal story". 
A San Fernando Valley native, Jessica Delijani (Disco Shrine) grew up in a musical household filled with frequent Persian jam sessions. Teaching herself how to play guitar and banjo at only 16 years old, she started preforming folk music and from there her talent continued to grow. First appearing as Disco Shrine in 2015, she is now not only a pop artist, but also a DJ touring all around the U.S.
Embodying the essence of empowerment, Delijani exudes confidence liberating her listeners to feel carefree and accepted. Check out the video for 'Up in the Air’.
Director : Andrew Butte
Director of Photography : Dakota Adney
Editor : Minh Bui
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