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Steve Spiffler spits blood, sweat and tears on 'Weekends Are 4 Boom Bap' [Premiere]

Multitalented rapper/producer Steve Spiffler—who's been abuzz since Chance The Rapper endorsed his 10 Days Of Acid and Coloring Books project—today premieres his highly anticipated Weekends Are 4 Boom Bap EP. The 8-track effort is a far cry from the current hip hop zeitgeist; there's no meaningless filler or watered down braggadocio bars, just real-life spit as Steve gives us front row seats to his everyday hustle.

Weekends Are 4 Boom Bap is the definition of "true-to-life." Every track embodies Spiffler's daily grind: providing for his family, slangin' tapes and making music, and even his recent firing from his 9-to-5. It's a rare opportunity to witness an artist surmounting obstacles in real-time, instilling a sense of resilience and hope in his listeners.

"The World" best exemplifies this intimate listening experience. The powerful opening song leaves no stone unturned as Spiffler raps about kissing his daughter on the cheek before leaving for his lengthy commute, writing rhymes on the way to work, and the stress of exiting the workforce to pursue music full-time.

Other memorable slaps include the upbeat "BDR," "My Lyfe," and the project's outro, produced by Lil B collaborator The Heisman. Overall, each entry on Weekends Are 4 Boom Bap is crisp and superbly executed, an impressive feat considering the entire EP was written, recorded, and mixed and mastered in only three days.

Here's what Spiffler had to say about his latest endeavor:

This is a breath of fresh air for the game. Every room can be aired out; you just have to find the window. This project is also dedicated to all of the hard-working folks out there grindin' for the weekend. Hopefully these boom bap joints take your Friday-Sunday to another level.

Weekends Are 4 Boom Bap follows Spiffler's release of Skitzo Steven, a head-bobbing LP that raises awareness for mental health. Spiffler also worked with Tristate and Planet Asia earlier this year on his "Trophy Case" single, in addition to linking up with Trizz on "Keep It Pushin."

Keep an ear out for more quality blaps from Steve as 2018 draws to a close. The Stockton emcee has plenty more in the tank as he continues to show why he's up next.

Connect with Steve Spiffler: Spotify | Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram

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