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JP Cooper is brimming with "All This Love" [Video]

The duo of JP Cooper and Mali Koa team up for a soulful love-drenched record titled "All This Love." 

UK singer and songwriter JP Cooper's latest song is pretty amazing. While the Tim Burton-inspired concept is more love-lorn than anything else, the energy from this record is undeniably enthralling. From the piano-driven production, the ghoulish sound effects and the overall nostalgia-inducing vibes. Cooper and featured artist Mali-Koa deliver a brilliant performance with their passionate vocals that draw energy from a deep place of hurt.

The visual is particularly well-crafted and also draws inspiration from Tim Burton classics and Disney’s Coco. Using similar themes to those films, the song is brought to life with an engaging animation and compelling storyline to drive home the point. The duo is featured as skeletons who are going through emotions of regret and unfortunately, all they have are memories. This single marks the first collaboration between Cooper and Mali. 

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