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Get familiar with Tola's soulful summer track "Next To Me"

Not much is out there about this budding soul-singer who goes by the name Tola, but her newest single "Next To Me" strikes a nerve with it's mellow, lo-fi soulful vibe.

The relatively quiet vocalist first appeared on the scene in early 2016 with a collaboration with Canadian R&B producer vbnd but decided to stay under the radar, perhaps to perfect her sound. She did work on a bunch of features and Soundcloud only releases but on her newest release, she taps into the summer mindstate and delivers a love-tinged record that is brimming with warm soulful energy. Her angelic buttery vocals blend effortlessly against the dreamy laid-back backdrop and the result is an encapsulating burst of emotions.

Still, this artist is pretty ambiguous but with this type of record, we do hope to hear more material from her in the nearest future.

Connect with Tola : Soundcloud 



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