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Beacon shares tender new tune "Losing My Mind" [Video]

Brooklyn duo Beacon is known for their hauntingly beautiful electronic style. Fusing elements of R&B, hip-hop, and dance into the mix, Thomas Mullarney III and Jacob Gossett have a signature sound that's led by the wispy, sleek vocals of Mullarney III. Their latest release is certainly one of Beacon's most commanding efforts, with a completely stripped down approach.

Originally written at the piano, "Losing My Mind" actually became a much larger production before being scaled back to its original form. This minimal, introspective sensibility allows the listener to pore over every carefully thought out note in the song. A song that can easily tap into your feelings, "Losing My Mind," is meant to send a message of "stability, whether romantic or spiritual, and the comfort in knowing someone remains in the absence of light." It's a perfect example of the seductive yet heavy emotion that Beacon can create with their music. Find "Losing My Mind" out now via Ghostly International.

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