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Solo Dan is feeling the "Hotstep" on his latest electronic project

Australian producer Daniel Craig, aka Solo Dan, returned with a high energy and punchy new single "Hotstep" the other week. With the intent to create fun, breezy and dance-worthy music he remarks he's "trying to keep (himself) unassociated with the 'EDM bro culture.'”

The track features vocals from Perth-based artist Quincy who lays down his soulfully vibrant vocal work on "Hotstep". Dan heard on Quincy from his work with an African dance crew called Soukouss Internationale. The pair hadn't met in person until their studio session, yet their fusion and styles mesh well together. With Quincy's soaring vocal performance and Dan's high energy production work, their vision for a summery tune was achieved here. 

Connect with Solo Dan: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter 



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