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LMBO warps Bronze Whale's "Warm" into another dimension

It's always a heartwarming feeling to see an artist we've debuted on EARMILK go on to do great things. Today I'm thrilled to share a remix from my friends LMBO, who take on Austin duo Bronze Whale's happy-go-lucky "Warm" and give it an otherworldly rinse full of intrigue.  

While the lovable (and viral) Bronze Whale original is a lighthearted and easygoing bop true to its name, the LMBO flip has a level of drama that is absolutely captivating. The warbled vocals recall a siren song from planets unknown, beckoning the listener into the synthy sonic paradise. It has to be said, Michael Swartz and Koby Berman - the classically trained musicians and all-around good guys behind the LMBO moniker - possess some of the purest talent to hit the electronic scene in a hot minute. Jazzed beyond words to see what these two whip up in the months and years to come. 

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