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OTR walks with giants in glimmering rework of More Giraffes' "Dinosaur"

Oh OTR, you have my heart. Time after time you weave sonic odysseys that leave me breathless, and your newest remix for More Giraffes' "Dinosaur" is no exception. 

I did my homework and tuned into More Giraffes' future pop original, a punchy ditty with no shortage of big moments. OTR replaces that colorful spunk with his signature compositional majesty, turning what was once a happy-go-lucky bop into a soaring orchestral dance. Call me crazy, but OTR's steady tempo and reassuring low end sounds like the heavy padding of prehistoric footsteps. "Don't give up," we're reassured, OTR's pulsing bassline trudging the forest floor beneath layers of cacophony and distant chime twinkles, signaling the coming of a new dawn. Never one to shy away from leaps of faith in sound design, OTR's "Dinosaur" is wrought with dramatic tonal shifts; passionate drum overtures melt into serene vocal chops, coasting back to a land before memory. 

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