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LMBO weave an epic bass narrative on their debut track "Fake It" [Premiere]

Say hello to LMBO, a dynamic multi-instrumental/vocal duo from Michigan making their debut appearance with an elegant composition entitled "Fake It." Strikingly unique and evocative sound design is at the core of the single, which effortlessly bridges the worlds of singer-songwriter indie pop and dance. The classically trained pair make a strong entry into the electronic scene with the stirring bass composition. From the moment I heard the track's lush first few opening bars, I was beckoned into the intriguing world of LMBO. EARMILK is proud to premiere "Fake It," and help usher this talented duo into the community. Accented by sweeping sonic peaks and valleys, and featuring the duo's own vocals, it's clear this introductory composition was given painstaking care. 

High school friends Michael Swartz and Koby Berman have been making music together since their teens, and both received classical training in multiple instruments and vocal performance. Koby is currently working towards his Master of Fine Arts in music composition at Tulane University, graduating this spring. The duo share their mentality towards their work and its impact - “Every day you wake up, you are going to face uncertainties. Whether in your personal life or your career. You may never find comfort, but maybe you can find peace of mind in our music.”

Grab your free download of "Fake It" here.

Connect with LMBO: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram

Bass · Premiere


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Ethyn Jacobs
Ethyn Jacobs
3 years ago

Oh damn! This track moves!


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