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SWANES keeps the synths chill for their new track "I Hate Summer" [Premiere]

Typically people can’t wait for summer, but it seems Toronto’s SWANES has different feelings toward the season. Their new single “I Hate Summer” feels like those steamy, sticky late summer months but in synth form. The band describes it as “a summer feel-bad track for depressives,” but it doesn’t have to be a downer. Appropriately released at the start of summer for us here in the northern hemisphere, “I Hate Summer” will still appeal to those glorifying the season. The chilled out, laid back vibe lends itself to those looking to take it easy in the extreme heat.

“I Hate Summer” comes after the band’s debut EP, Biota which was released last year and garnered attention from BBC. Keep an eye out this summer for new music from SWANES. This track is only the first of a few new tracks this summer, one being released every month.

Connect with SWANES: Bandcamp | SoundCloud | Facebook



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