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Boundary will have you grooving with new single "Galope 034"

Boundary is the alias used by the 17-year old Dominican electronic music producer Josué Suero, who has been moving crowds with his inventive take on acid house & ambient music since 2016. The young wunderkind is preparing to release his upcoming Confirmado Por Aquellos EP via Point Records, and has decided to give fans another taste of what to expect with the second single off of the project, "Galope 034".

The single is a highly melodic exploration into acid house accentuated by old school synth leads, an addictive drum pattern,  and a haunting lo-fi keyboard melody that the beat is impressively built upon. As the producer continues to astound with every subsequent release, we can already anticipate how great this new project will be.

Be sure to pre-order the  Confirmado Por Aquellos EP here:


Connect with Boundary: Twitter / Facebook / Soundcloud



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