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Sophia Saze teams up with RDO/ATK to release "Stalker" EP

Sophia Saze has returned to her own Dusk & Haze imprint with a killer new four-track EP. A collaboration with Brooklyn-based artist RDO/ATK, Stalker spans jungle, techno, and all the tasty bits in between.

Title track “Stalker” is a hefty jungle roller that just hits the right levels of sinister. Aptly named, it’s dark, moody and ominous. Made for lovers of amen breaks, spooky synths and all things ruthless, “Stalker” is about as heavy-hitting as it gets. Exuding peak rave time energy, this one is overflowing with vigour. If anyone was wondering how to open an EP, this is  — exactly — how it’s done. Keeping things somewhat chaotic, the volatile energy continues flowing throughout “Fucking Crazy B”. Chopped shrieks, fuzzy bass and cold, calculated breaks all contribute towards giving the track an extremely raw, industrial vibe. For an unsettling yet club-focused listening experience, look no further.

“Talk To You In Your Brain” continues the disorder, offering an abundance of different elements to wrap your head around. Frenzied vocals whisper throughout, with lashings of acid and relentless kicks keeping things rough and ready. It’s dark, dingy warehouse music that fits incredible inline with the remainder of the release. Just like the title track, the EP couldn’t find a more fitting name if it tried; everything about it is heavy duty, intensely spooky, and everything you might expect from a release entitled Stalker.

“Acid B” makes it a home run. Shifting towards the four-to-the-floor side of techno, it’s every acid-lovers dream. Straight to the point, a thumping bassline is drenched with 303 tones to make the warehouse cut we’ve been dreaming off since the pandemic started. Rounding things off in true style, “Acid B” showcases the versatility of the duos sound — from jungle to warehouse techno, they’ve got it all down to a tee.

Stalker can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

Connect with Sophia Saze: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with RDO/ATK: Instagram

Acid · Dance · Drum and Bass · Electronic · Rave · Techno


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