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Crumb stays gold on "Trophy" [Video]

Massachusetts-rooted, Brooklyn-based outfit Crumb really can't miss. The newest single "Trophy" from the four-piece led by vocalist and guitar player Lila Ramani is accompanied by a Haoyan of America directed music video and features animation by Truba Animation

Carving a niche somewhere in the crux between neo-psychedelia and acid jazz emerged a group of twenty-something-year-olds attending Tufts University that struck gold. Fittingly, their first release in almost two years embodies the chromatic cup podium players contend for. 

After two of the most notable EPs released in recent memory (the self-titled debut in 2016 and 2017's follow-up Locket), along came Jinx, an ambitious ten-track full-length that proved to be beneficial culminating in a 36-gig circuit across North America.

"Trophy" arrives as a nugget fans have been waiting for and sounds like it could have been a b-side amongst Jinx. Beginning with the patented Crumb, extraterrestrial keys line courtesy of Bri Aronow, Ramani's vocals drop the moment Jesse Brotter's bass line and Jonathan Gilad's high-hat does, culminating in an automatic shoulder-swaying symphony. 

As the chorus arrives, it is reminiscent of "Part III," track seven from Jinx and sticks as one of the most memorable chorus lines the band has constricted to date. As Ramani urges to take time because it is over anyways, the urgency is felt through the fuzzed-out, crunchy vocals as they take a turn spiraling down oblivion. 

Ramani brings "Trophy" back to its equilibrium only for a moment as it is released again as signified in the music video as the audience turns to animated trophies. 

While still in their early stages of creation, there is no doubt that Crumb is one of the most compelling artists releasing music right now, and somehow, a lot of it falls under the bedroom indie sort of categories. Now, I wouldn't describe them as such, however, the exposure to these kinds of Spotify playlists among others will undoubtedly affect Crumb in the most golden of ways.

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