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Matt Fax and Dezza team up on "Sweet Dream"

Both Matt Fax and Dezza are artists who have been cultivating strong brands of sound in their own right by operating under the radar. Both artists have had features from the leading labels in prog, including Anjunabeats and now again with their latest release via Enhanced Music

"Sweet Dream" is an international collaboration, with Dezza's home base of Halifax being thousands of miles from Fax's home in France. But apparently distance doesn't mean much to the two producers, as "Sweet Dream" is in sync and beautifully crafted. 

Reminiscent of early 2010's deadmau5, "Sweet Dream" creates atmospheric soundscapes with classically progressive melodies and a few moments of tech along the way. It's been a while since a song like this has had a moment - and "Sweet Dream" deserves it.

Connect with Dezza: SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram
Connect with Matt Fax: SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram



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