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WE ARE FURY returns with emotional trap single "Killing Me Slow"

A familiar face on EARMILK, Canadian duo Joachim Speidel and Stuart Brookes also known as WE ARE FURY continue their rise this year with their releases of unique trap singles. 

"Killing Me Slow" is their latest tune, and it is one of my favourites to date. It's got an amazing vocal introduction that builds into their signature melodic future trap. With a plaintive theme in mind, we are put into a trance through the first buildup that hits you with all sorts of emotional feels. They added the last drop to include an uplifting future bass portion that ties the track together, fusing into a hybrid of pop and trap. Here's what WE ARE FURY had to say on the release:

We started working on this record six months ago. It's a song that has seen three different versions until it became what it is now. We sort of grew with it. We chose to have some acoustic stuff like the strummed guitar and also juxtapose some unconventional sounds like the drop lead. The song is about being stuck in a relationship where you give more than you're receiving and it begins to wear down on you, we've all been there at some point in time. In the end it is a reminder that situations of discomfort are only opportunities for growth. It was really awesome to see how different experiences came together in this record.We're very thankful to be able to tell our story through music and we hope you all connect with it.

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