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The Slice, Episode 5 [Urban Feature]

For those of you dedicated to rummaging the inner regions of the web in search for that unique alternative urban music, we have a fresh serving for you in our latest feature we like to call "The Slice." Every fortnight we share with you ten ear-grabbing songs from various genres ranging from hip-hop, grime, soul, afrobeat/pop and dancehall. So sit back, relax and check out this list of some of the most brilliantly crafted music from around the globe.

1. Flamenco Sketch - "Cardboard Houses"

Budding rapper Flamenco Sketch delivers a poignant look at life on his new song titled, "Cardboard Houses". Over a mellow, nostalgic backdrop provided by TRVTH, Flamenco takes time to share his most personal details with the listener. He is hopeful, emotional and confident but still shows some vulnerability in this latest record.

2. TSHEGUE - "Muanapoto"

The duo TSHEGUE made up of French-Congolese singer Faty Sy Savenet and French-Cuban producer Nicolas 'Dakou' Dacunha shake the tables as they release the visuals for their song "Muanapoto".  The fast-paced experimental track blends Afrocentric elements such as Congolese styled drum patterns and cinematic soundscapes while Faty kick bars. The visuals were shot in Abidjan, the capital city of The Ivory Coast and it's quite graphic and profound. The concept is inspired by Faty's experience of emigrating to Paris from DRC. The video follows a deaf and mute young lady who negotiates her way out of the new world she has found herself in.

"Muanapoto" is taken from their debut EP Survivor which is out now.

3. Gemaine - "Wait On Me"

Singer-songwriter Gemaine delivers a slow burner of a record titled "Wait On Me." Armed with an emotional punchy vocal style, the singer takes us back to the era of classic R&B on this record. This latest track starts a new chapter in his musical journey and will show growth in the budding singer. This is a precursor to his untitled EP due out later this summer.

4. Nomad Carlos - "Back Home"

NY based independent hip-hop artist Nomad Carlos comes through with this conceptual track and video titled "Back Home". The record sees the emcee politicking with his fellow emcee Five Steez over the phone about what is happening back in their home country of Jamaica. Directed and edited by David ‘Enco’ DaCosta, the music video’s grainy feel complements the eerie sound crafted by the producer, Sosa. Carlos and Steez go back and forth, discussing new developments and sniffing out a snake in their circle.

Back Home is featured on The Nomad Carlos Project which was released in early April.  Get the audio on Bandcamp

5. Jam K - "Noname"

French emcee Jam K's newest song and video "Noname" sees the budding rapper in a state of reflection. Over a somber but bouncy backdrop, Jam K takes the listener into his daily activities while giving them flashbacks to what happened the previous night. The song was crafted a day after he had a concert followed by a lengthy afterparty as depicted in the visuals. The record is the title track of his debut EP Noname

6. Rowlan - "Make me snap"

Rowlan takes some time out to vent his frustrations on his new record titled "Make me snap".  Lyrically he shows that he is a student of the true old school with his intense and vivid imagery. He spares no one with a waterfall of smooth delivered hip-hop flow but also keeps the lyrics honest when he says "...Said I’m the rookie of the year/And I been here for four/ 500 records, Only 90 of em' yours...". The Los Angeles, CA, by way of Cape Cod, Massachusetts emcee is out to get his and nothing is going to stop him.

7. Elle Ray - "Gold for Water"

Multi-talented singer-songwriter Elle Ray delivers this emotional-drenched acoustic single titled "Gold for Water". The self-produced song cuts deep with its poignant message about taking time to keep in touch with loved ones despite having crazy life schedules. This is something everyone can relate to on many levels as we strive every day to keep clothes on our backs, food on our tables while seemingly forgetting to connect and enjoy the wonders the world has to offer. The Montreal based Elle Ray dedicated the song to her mother and everyone she loves but especially her late grandmother whom she hadn't seen since she was 2 years old.  The timeless message on "Gold for Water" is trying to spend quality time with yourself, your friends and family! 

8. Akinyemi & Birocratic - " Time"

Akinyemi drops another gem of a track he calls "Time". The single is a collaboration between him and producer Birocratic who crafts a lush synth-driven backdrop layered with snappy drums. Akinyemi in usual fashion comes through with his smooth flow and vivid lyrics as he soul searches for what he deems as happiness. As indie artists, they both know the ups and downs that come with the territory but regardless they just have to find a fine line within the struggle and staying sane.

9. Leigh Phillips - "Dislocated Love"

Grenadian-born singer-songwriter Leigh Phillips thrills us with her sophomore release titled "Dislocated Love". Blending soul, pop, jazz elements alongside her Caribbean roots, Leigh Phillips bring a very unique touch to her songs. Her commanding vocals cascade the equally engulfing somber backdrop as she dwells on the complexities of a broken relationship.  Get the audio on Spotify, iTunes, and Tidal

10. Toobe Fresco - "Pray" [Prod. By Toobe Fresco]

Toobe Fresco wraps up this week's episode with an acoustic version of his stand out track "Pray". Teaming up with guitarist Pearce Gronek, the duo developed an incredibly soulful and reflective acoustic live version.  Toobe aims to deliver passionate, and soulful vibes for the listener. Starting the track with "I wonder if they love me just for me or do they just love my potential?" Toobe offers a reflective outlook on life in this latest offering as he tries to balance pursuing his passion while pursuing his faith. "Pray" is taken from the new album "Never Better" get the audio here


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