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Olmos collaborates with talented vocalist Aviella on jazzy "Broken Love"

Olmos with releases on labels like Dim MakAviella who has collaborations with artists like VincentMYRNE, ARMNHMR. Remember these two LA based artist as they are both extremely talented and I do not doubt that they will crush it in the near future. Their latest banger? "Broken Love" released as part of the Serendipity EP. 

When the track first hits your ears, you're welcomed by a warm and friendly beat followed by Aviella's cordial toplines. A tip-top melodic beat is accompanied by her vocals that build up as the track goes on, slowly introducing as well Olmos also known as Jordan vocals that blend in gracefully into a classical jazz ensemble drop that has you vibing vigorously from head to toe. The track continues onto the second chorus that has Jordan beginning, which I really want to highlight as one of the impressive elements of the track. It takes a huge amount of courage to sing on your own production as thats another portion that will be judged but the producer is able to articulate a heart-tugging vocal topped with Aviella's. 

A pleasant and fond feeling, it's a great addition to your morning playlists to bump along to. Ironic as the lyrics are about a broken heart. You can check out the rest of the EP on his Soundcloud here.

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