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Tieran looks beyond the "Glass Half Full" mentality

Tieran Fate Cline aka Tieran delivers a brilliant effort on his latest single titled  "Glass Half Full". The rapper and producer takes a seat from behind the boards and teams up with Bnchy who crafts a chilled, laid back trap infused backdrop for the emcee to deliver a poignant verse. The record is quite short but Tieran doesn't hold back the punches with lyrics such as "... Really a dream, Are they really killin’ for cream? Am I really as ill as it seems?/ Do I really need a pill to keep me from killin’ my dreams? Or is it just keepin’ me from killin’ your teams? damn..." On the surface, the song may sound playful and relaxed but as you listen closer you realize Tieran is touching on many social and personal issues including materialism, suicide, and self-doubt. 

The visual is straightforward and pays close attention to the Columbus-based rapper who holds the viewer's attention with his performance. Tieran is set to release his debut album “The Deep End” in September. The album is entirely self-produced, self-recorded, self-mixed, and includes no samples or features. Stream “Glass Half Full” on Soundcloud.

Connect with Tieran : Soundcloud | Facebook |Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

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