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Superheart soars like a "Satellite" on new single

Superheart, an artist who is capitalizing on the beauty of nature and the vibes that are the allure of Spring is releasing the third and final installment of his 'Flower' trilogy (and yes that is right EARMILK gets to premiere it)! 

"Satellite" by Superheart is beautifully crafted single and finale to a series that is as beautiful as its artwork. Superheart with a style reminiscent of Teen Daze and Tycho opens the song with bubbling electronic synthesizers that evoke a feeling of Spring in the 80's. As the vocals are layered in with the flowing synths a soundscape is created that in my mind transports me to the middle of Central Park midday as the sun peaks out from being behind the clouds. 

Superheart does an excellent job of proving that positivity can be exuding through wafting and wispy waves of pads and willowy, pillowy vocals that really soar over the piano riff pushing the effervescent melody. 

If you have been been lackadaisically looking for a Spring jam or self described, "dreamy underwater anti-gravity flying music"well, look no further than "Satellite" and Superheart's 'Flower' trilogy. 

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