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Kristina Koller injects a funky vibe into the 1930s classic "You Go To My Head"

Kristina Koller is dedicated to the craft of contemporary jazz singing and arrangement. Her 2018 album Perception is driven by her love of innovation in music, wherein as the title suggests, she takes classic jazz standards and injects them with a moody and modern twist. Her funky rendition of "You Go To My Head" is no exception, with the tempered glimmer and yearning of R&B pairing wonderfully with the downbeat percussion.
Having grown up just outside of New York City, jazz was a staple genre in Koller's upbringing. Inspired by Ella Fitzgerald, Anita O’Day, Sarah Vaughan and Chet Baker, Koller was pulled into the orbit of jazz and has no desire to break free. The sultry affect in her bright tone gives her rendition of "You Go To My Head" a lively and youthful sound. A potent mixture of joy and yearning revive this jazz classic note after note, making it all the more accessible for potential jazz fans. 
"My arrangement of the song 'You Go To My Head' adds an R&B and funk vibe to the 1930's Tin Pan Alley song," Koller tells me. "I enjoy adding modern styles to older jazz standards to freshen them up. I hope my arrangements will appeal to a younger and wider listening audience. All of the songs on my album Perception reflect my musical approach."
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