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Autograf's "Dead Soon" (ft. Lils & Bonsai Mammal) is a rhythmic ode to romantic nihilism

The newest single from Chicago production trio Autograf speaks to a certain romanticized pessimism that has become commonplace in modern day youth culture. 

Blame the ever-increasing heaviness of current times, but it's undeniable that nihilism is en vogue in pop culture and fashion. Out of turbulence comes important cultural commentary, and Autograf has recently established themselves as an electronic act wishing to make deeper statements with their art then some of their sugar-coated contemporaries. The three-man DJ/production outfit cultivates a beautiful darkness on "Dead Soon," with pop producer Bonsai Mammal (P!nk, Diplo, Robin Schulz) on assist and the familiar vocals of Lils ("You Might Be") rounding out the morose masterpiece.

Brazen lyrics like "we can get drunk and go stare at the moon, we might be dead soon" exude a certain youthful masochism sure to transport listeners to their own times of wild freedom and living like there's no tomorrow. Emotional chords, crisp, biting production, and Lil's silken vocals unite to create a moment of pure escapism. Today our country's youth is forced to grow up and accept life's transience earlier than ever before, and art like "Dead Soon" sounds like a subtle rallying cry. Shades of Autograf's recent political anthem "Hope For Tomorrow" are present, but "Dead Soon" exists as the grim other side to the story. 

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