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Penelope Calloway is the "Hero In Love"

Singer/songwriter Penelope Calloway serves us this self-produced record titled "Hero In Love". The song is a fusion of pop, R&B and trip-hop, and her style totally goes against the grain as she crafts an offbeat, somewhat darkish backdrop layered with her ethereal vocal delivery. There is absolutely nothing close to the norm on this tune and it's a brilliant departure from the usual.

"Hero In Love" is from her upcoming debut EP 'Space Traveler'.  The vast majority of the album is self-produced except for a handful of songs crafted by King Britt who blesses several tracks with his iconic touch of intriguing soundscapes. Other than the title track, Space Traveler, the album isn't about galaxies or outer space. The name is short for “Heart Space Traveler”, meaning one who travels deep into the heart in matters of love.

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