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Kan Wakan unveils his stunning, sorrowful single “No Sweat Off My Back” ft. Saigo

Kan Wakan has released his meditative new single “No Sweat Off My Back” ft. Saigo. The feathery, melancholic tune features his warm vocal tone that is so organic and comforting. The track exudes a Glass Animals feel while also crafting a style all his own. In this highly digital age, it is easy to get caught up in the need to be a part of the pack. He begs the question, “Who decides where this school of fish is swimming, and aren’t we exhausted from trying to swim there?”

Kan Wakan aka Gueorgui Linev takes on a myriad of roles. The Bulgarian-born, Los Angeles and UK- based talent is an electronic music producer, composer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Known for music fusing trip-hop and psychedelia, listeners gravitate towards his striking genre-bending sound. The song is the third single off Phantasmagoria, Vol.2 set for release later this year. The album combines live orchestral arrangements with electronic instruments creating something truly unique. Take a listen to the profound “No Sweat Off My Back” now.

Connect with Kan Wakan: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Psychedelic · Trip-Hop


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